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Is Chard Camelot or Shamalot ?


My Picture is copywrite of Juliet Davey. For permission to reproduce:

Hail there my subjects I'm Cerdic the very first King Of Wessex and the new www.wessex.me.uk website is MINE.  I landed in Britain in 497AD and conquered the Britons with my Saxon legions.

I came to Chard - which is named after
me ( originally Cerde). Here I made my headquarters. This therefore became my headquarters and the first capital of Wessex. (Actually my full name was Cerdic Von Wessex.)
  • My father was a Saxon Wizard called LLyr Merini. Yes legend has it that he was Merlin.  I was an illegitimate son so was Arthur.
  • Both my name in Saxon and Arthur's name in Celt mean Strongarm.
  • My wife was Guignier, sister of Cador, Prince of Cornwall. (King Arthur married Guenevere, raised in the household of Cador Duke of Cornwall).
  • I also spent 25 years in Gaul and ruled at Nantes and Vannes. (King Arthur spent 9 years subduing Gaul and held court in Paris. Reigned in Nantes in some stories)
  • I was the dynastic founder of Glamorgan. (King Arthur reigned for 5 years in Glamorgan).
  • Medrot was my Grandson (Arthur died fighting his nephew Modred)
  • Other coincidences in the story of King Arthur is that h
  • e goes to Dunbarton and fights the Picts and Scots. There is an emphasis on Dunbarton. This may have been due to confusion of Cerdic with Ceredig of Dunbarton. Someone named Ceredig gathered a fleet and ravaged the coast of Ireland around the year 450AD . King Arthur conquered Ireland and Iceland.
  • Whilst the story of King Arthur is obviously built up in legend, like that of Robin Hood, it seems that much of that legend was based on Cerdic. 
  •  Wessex grew into one of Britain's largest Kingdoms ( along with Mercia and Northumbria) and Cerdic's descendant King Alfred became King of England.
    Thus Cerdic's blood line runs through to the British Royal family to this day. The last British king to also be King of Wessex was Harold.
  • Now after a thousand years the Queen's Son, Prince Edward is the next Earl of Wessex.

Chard Stone

  • Whilst other places claim to be Camelot. We know it was supposed to be on the highest point between the English and Bristol Channels. Chard is the highest town in Somerset on the Blackstock Hills and near the highest point betwenn the Bristol and English Channels.
  • So as you continue through Chard just think Sir Lancelot, Guenevere or King Arthur could have stood there before you. Just think you might even find Excalibur, my famous sword.dininghall
Further details can be obtained from:  www.wessex.me.uk


8 St.Augustine Court, St Augustine Street,
Taunton,  Somerset ,Wessex TA1 1QR
Tel: 0870 199 3871
Fax : 0870 134 0103.
 email: info@chardnet.co.uk


King Cerdic My Book : Conscience of the King by Alfred Duggan
A thoroughly entertaining and convincing new take on the last days of the Roman Empire in Britain. 
"Cerdic Elesing, King of Wessex and ancestor of all subsequent British monarchs, narrates in this fictional biography how he murdered, cheated, looted and lied his way to the great position he ultimately held -- and in the process served with the great Roman leader Ambrosius and the Saxon warlord Aella, and was the foe Arthur defeated at Mount Badon."
£7.99    Paperback  240 pages   198 x 129 mm    ISBN: 0304366463   Publication: July 2005    Orion Publishing Group, Orion House, 5 Upper St Martin's Lane, London, WC2H 9EA tel: 020 7240 3444  www.orionbooks.co.uk

email contacts : enquiries@hookedonbooks.co.uk   or available from Hooked On Books in Holyrood Street,Chard, Wessex

Computer King

Cerdic reports on behalf of Citizens of Chard.

 Hail to my kingdom. and to my capital town, Chard. I am King and like it and I keep an eye on my subjects. In these columns I still reign. 497 - 2006AD. I have seen a lot of changes and I am sure there will be many more. European Federation ? Is that something new ? I think not - I  am in charge here and I am a Saxon. Warnings to my subjects will be covered by my Knight in Shining Armour. Welcome to www.wessex.me.uk,Camelot and Wassail.   I am always available by  clicking here

Dick Dutch


The Norman Wisdom Appreciation Society wishes to inform the good people of Chardshire & the Bog Nothing Pissers of the imminent arrival in your High Street of the Foreign Follies starring Dick Dutch ( Fiddler on The Roof)  , Jerry Kanto ( The Schmockfather) &  Seb the Pimp( The Pollack) for we trust a very limited run. Look Out in this column for full details & History.

Jerry Kanto
From The Knight in Shining Armour
In our area we have found that whilst goods are good value many of the services are overcharging mainly because they feel they have a monopoly in the area. We feel that consumers have the right to know about overcharging, bad workmanship & downright roguery. So we are prepared to name & shame such traders. Your Knight in Shining armour will report regularly on this page- don't be caught out be wary.

Willie Wyvern Trustmark

Avoiding a cowboy builder or unqualified electrician has been made easier by the launch of a new scheme to register and assess tradesman who work in your home or business.

Trustmark is a scheme endorsed by the Government and Trading Standards that can help you be sure that the tradesmen you ask to work in your home are reputable and trustworthy.

Firms wanting to use the Trustmark badge must satisfy the scheme operator that they are fit to do the work proposed, have adequate insurance and operate a user-friendly complaints procedure in case anything goes wrong.
Many recent television programmes reveal ‘rogue traders’ or ‘dodgy builders’ and have the audience shaking their heads in disbelief as to what they are witnessing. Many of us take it for granted that we are not or will not be a victim.

The Office of Fair Trading state that ‘cowboy builders’ and ‘rogue tradesmen’ are a £1.5 Billion problem, with 38% of the public not trusting tradesmen at all, and 65% of people feeling uncomfortable about leaving trades people in their home unaccompanied. Having trust in your tradesman is paramount when you have to live with the final consequences

Knight in Shining Armour

It has unfortunately been brought to our attention that a trader in Chard has failed to meet his obligations in regards to another trader in Chard, Mr. Jon Sloman trading as J.M.Refrigeration of 4 Leicester House, Crewkerne Road, Chard, Somerset TA20 1HA who states " For All Your Refrigeration Needs Sales & Service" took a Williams Refrigerator from a well known local shop on the understanding that he would sell it for the trader.  It is believed that he sold it for £300 well over a year ago. However he has never passed the money on - further he claims that the money was used to pay for his "Service Contract" with that trader. Yet since the date he took the refrigerator away he has failed to appear to do any service. (They have full receipts of the service done prior to that date)  He has been requested to produce documentation but has failed to do so. Caveat Emptor- It is in the interests of the community that the Knight in Shining Armour  warns the people and businesses of the area.

Willie Wyvern Knight in Shining Armour Willie Wyvern

 Con-Man Selva Carmichael to star and produce Bollywood Movie in Chard
after his earlier appearance at Bristol Jail!!!

Selva Carmichael
Carmichael in Spain
Selva Carmichael , real name Selvaraj Narasimman, 46,( Known as El Con by Daily Mirror readers) who wooed investors with trips abroad and promises of a quick return on their money, was jailed for four-and-a-half years in Bristol Jail for cheating investors in a Spanish property scam. Carmichael, who operated his company, The Carmichael Corporation, from offices in Bristol, offered people the chance to invest in property options or plots of land in the Spanish resort of La Manga. But soon after the operation began in 1996 "the whole thing was falling to bits".  Most of the investors never saw their money again including one woman who lost £100,000. Despite a police raid on his offices in 1997, Carmichael continued to trade as normal, telling investors that it was "all a mistake" and blaming the police for his problems.

Promising investors that he was going to transform the La Manga resort, the self-proclaimed  multi-millionaire, "wooed" his investors with lavish trips to apartments in Spain and promised them a 100% return within six months. Carmichael pleaded guilty to nine counts of obtaining money transfers by deception and one count of attempting to obtain property by deception. It was not known what Carmichael had done with the money.  After that he conned people in the village of Coin outside Marbella when he started managing the old BBC village of El Dorado. Stating that he was best friends with Richard Bransom  who he called Branston and that he rode with royalty. It did not take long before he was exposed by the Daily Mirror and ousted from Coin & El Dorado.

He also opened a restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne and fell foul of the local health authorities and was fined.

Then this year from "the Mail on Sunday" 21 May 2006 by Tony Hetherington:
"ONETV is a shambles. The Advertising Standards Authority upheld 65 complaints against the company, all from viewers who said goods had not arrived and OneTV had failed to refund their money. The company in Colchester, Essex, whined that several top managers had quit. And it is true that four directors have walked out in recent months, but that is just the start of it. Trading in the company's shares has been suspended and customers seeking reassurance from the friendly smiles of presenters displayed on OneTV's website should know that some of them have jumped ship as well. Debbie Flint is one of the bestknown faces on various TV shopping channels, but despite appearing on OneTV's website, she quit last month, announcing: 'I have decided not to present any more OneTV for the time being.' Hinting at problems behind the scenes, she offered her good wishes to employees 'during this difficult time'. The people really facing difficulties though, are the customers like the couple in Buxton, Derbyshire, who told me they paid £97 for a DVD recorder to be delivered by Christmas. When it had not arrived by January, they cancelled, but months later were still awaiting their refund. In the face of all this, OneTV boss Graham Avery, 61, will say absolutely nothing.   Avery, who has half-a-dozen other directorships, is probably too busy driving between his television studio in Colchester and his home in Ipswich in his luxury Mercedes. But at least he is more savoury than one of OneTV's owners, 45-year-old Selva Carmichael - he prefers this to his real name, Selvaraj Narasimman ."

Guess what! 
I found con-artist Selva Carmichael in a winebar in Chard on Wednesday 13th December 2006 spouting his next venture, and giving out his card under the name of a dissolved company. ( He is banned as a Company Director and been made bankrupt twice). Mr Selva Car Michael is now self-styled President of  SELVASCREEN INTERNATIONAL PLC. His card reads:
Film Financing
Film Production
Film Acadamy
Film Documentaries


Pinewood Studios,
Pinewood Road,

Iver Heath ,

Tel: +44 (0)1753 651700
Fax:+44 (0)1753 785737

Mobile :+44 (0) 7841 262 2066
Email: selva@selvascreen.com  
Website www.selvascreen.com


On Location
Selva The Star!
To The Manor Born
at Cricket St.Thomas

or is it another El Dorado?

or in OneTV's studio
selling Sponsorships.

Our Search shows: Company Details - SELVA SCREEN INTERNATIONAL PLC  Registered No. 05189862
Type:    Public limited with share capital   Incorporation Date:    27/07/2004
Status:    Dissolved company.
Last Accounts Filed:    -
Last Accounts Analysed:    -
See: http://www.ukdata.com/company-listings/Se-59.html

He pays by American Express card No  374289252191009. He claims the Company is owned by his wife and a friend, but it has been dissolved.  He arrived in Chard on Wednesday 13th December & announced he will be filming and starring as the Indian Prime Minister in his Bollywood spectacular in February at Cricket St.Thomas & that he wants to shut Holyrood Street for filming.
This article has been followed up by the  Western Daily Press see:

Response from Mr Selva Car Michael... alias of Selvaraj Narasimman
 I will try and reply the best whey I can and I trust this might clarify the situation and I hope you reflect on it.
In la manga , i felt that at the time there was a great potential in acquiring land on option and hold them for a period of time and ofload them for a profit and thus make monies for a small number of investors . As you expect a large proportion of monies were laid out by myself , my immediate family and a small group of friends, we started well but because our lack of understanding of spanish laws and things taking longer then our prediction we encountered financial problems and we just ran out monies thus the predicment we got ourselves into and some late investors losts monies and in any business there are risks for high returns.
since i owned the company I am responsible for the outcome, To deal with spanish was difficult enough but to be caught up in their system was even more difficult. Because of non payment of promised dividends the police became involved and their presence made in more difficult for us to proceed to finalise matters on behalf of us and our small number of investors and all we were delayed.
I pleaded non-guilty to charges for over 5 years but on the trial week I was advised that these matters were complicated for a simple jury to understand and against my better judgement pleaded guilty. on sentencing i realised that i should have pleaded not-guilty and tried very hard to change the plea on the basis that i made a mistake but failed.
on you have pleaded guilty you know the rest. I didnt wish to enter into something to lose monies for me or my investors but these were circumstances beyond my control. We were in La- Manga when a few people knew it ,its fair to say its a popular resort.
I am involved in other business including the one you potray , but as for One TV , i invested in shares with Mr Graham Avery with a group of friends and have no direct involvement in the management of One TV and have sold that stock a long time before it surfaced the company was in trouble , unfortunately the reporters in papers concerned are not the most credible and tend to make up their own stories and I taking legal advise on how to handle it. I have new been the owner of One TV or had anything to do with the management.
I took time to respond to this, I have never said that I was closing any street for filming, I am working on a film project and at cricket st -thomas witness by two individuals and i am even more baffled why you placed my card number and its a clear violation of privacy , we came to your bar had drinks and paid for it and left. I trust you will remove it .Should anybody use it clearly you are responsible as a manager of the pub and i will inform the authorities.  I didnt come to chard to con anybody as you portray and I trust you do understand . I took the time to write this and when I am chard next I will pop in to see you. 
Kind regards, 

Second email from Selva Carmichael
I have e-mail this article to my lawyers and asked them to look into the content as its although you based in on article that are written are wholly un-true and are under litigation you are demed liable for its content and clearly gone to other receipient and liablious. will be in contact soon. 
Kind regards, 

King2 Editoral Comment: We are amazed to learn that twice bankrupt Selva Carmichael has money to invest in both a restaurant and One TV whilst the poor investors who lost their money, when he failed to buy the Spanish Land Options for them, have not seen a penny in retribution. The authorities should look into where the money he has to invest eminated from. It is all very well a man being convicted on 9 counts, but in excess of £1 million disappeared never to be found. Innocent citizens lost life savings and the perpetrator continues on his merry way. From 1997 Mr Carmichael was asked to produce the purchased options & always stated that they were elsewhere or some other feeble excuse. If he was innocent he only had to produce them. He never did. By any chance we are a website protecting unwary readers- not a pub

Chard Social Life
Chard Is In The News

Yes, at last we have fame in Chard with romance in the air. As you will see from the photo adjoining this article it's all smiles as our happy couple proceed to play bingo at the Lacemill. Unfortunately all is not as it seems as the poor chap is a little short of funds as a result of his passion for bingo. After working hard for the community for over thirty years the ex-mayor is in need of funds and obviously needs assistance from all those he has helped over the years. So we ask all of you to give generously this festive season and think of the poor. He has thought about you in the past.
Anglo-Saxon Kings

My next story is about a newly found descendant of mine.
There has been a similar story in the Daily Mail on February 9th 2007 in regards to Albert James Turnbull from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, written by Liz Hull, and incorporating my picture which was drawn for this website by Juliet Davey.

 Maine man traces ancestry to 1st English king

By Glenn Adams, Associated Press Writer  |  September 3, 2006
My Picture is copywrite of Juliet Davey. For permission to reproduce:

Francis Harwood HALLOWELL, Maine --After countless hours in libraries and on the Internet, painstaking searches through public records and a couple of trips overseas, Francis Harwood says his direct bloodline to England's first king more than a millennium ago is confirmed.

Standing in his living room before a 4-foot framed diagram of his family line, authenticated by the venerable College of Arms in London, the 72-year-old Harwood smiled with satisfaction.

"I gave them a lot of information so they could connect the bloodline" to King Egbert as well as all of the royal houses of Europe, the white-haired Harwood said. That included copies of birth, marriage and death certificates and wills.

Many of the records are from archives in London, but Harwood was able to do much of his research in libraries of Maine's private colleges and state university.

Along the way, he was gratified to draw information by meeting distant cousins but he also encountered frustrations of finding that some potentially useful records had been destroyed during World War II or otherwise disposed of.

As blessed by College of Arms heralds, the bloodline takes Harwood directly back to Egbert of Wessex, who is widely considered to be England's first king and died around 838. Also known as Egbert the Saxon, he unified all of the kingdoms of England under his rule in the early 800s.

The research even highlights ties, through Egbert's marriage, to the emperor Charlemagne, in whose court Egbert is believed to have lived during a period of exile from Britain.

Harwood said his direct tie to Egbert makes him a relative of the present Queen Elizabeth II and her son Charles, who will assume the throne.

"Many people have the pedigree, but they don't have the bloodline," he said.

Paul Milner, chairman of the British and Irish Forum for the National Genealogical Society, said royal connections are not so unusual, but it's not easy to prove it.

"If he's used the College of Arms, chances are he's got good documentation, especially on the earlier generations," said Milner, who was among more than 1,800 people attending a four-day Federation of Genealogical Societies conference in Boston that concluded Saturday.

Milner said tens of thousands of people in America have royal English ancestors, but many who try to prove it find that it gets harder to make the connections the farther they go back.

To someone who's had occasion to spend time in London, the name Harwood may have a familiar ring. Francis Harwood showed photos taken during his visit a decade ago to what was long known as the Harwood Estate in a section of the British capital that touches the Thames River.

Many of the hundreds of houses, shops, pubs and banks in the area were occupied under 99-year leases, some of which expired in the 1990s, then sold to lease holders, Harwood, a retired accountant, explained as he spread out an old map of the sector.
He said the family in the United States lost contact with the Harwood family heirs in 1910. But if they had stayed connected, the American Harwoods might have gotten a share of real estate Harwood says is now "priceless."

A real estate agent told Harwood that a one-bedroom flat was going for 350,000 pounds, or about $750,000. But Harwood's quest isn't so much about money, it's more about the intrigue.

"I've had a ball with this thing," he said. "I love it."

He recalled walking along Harwood and Tyrawley roads while visiting the former estate in London in 1996. The latter name corresponds with the middle name of the first Harwood to come to America, whose portrait hangs over the fireplace in Francis Harwood's modest home.

Julian Tyrawley Harwood, Francis' great grandfather, settled on an expansive farm that was something of a mini-estate itself in Augusta, Maine's capital city which borders tiny Hallowell. The elder Harwood, bearded and gazing soberly in his portrait, lived comfortably there off the family estate.

"He never worked a day in his life," his descendant said with a grin.

Also invigorating Harwood's decades-long quest are still-unanswered questions about his lineage. His research has led Harwood to seek a DNA match with a German nobleman, Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, to see if Harwood's roots go back to Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, who was Queen Victoria's father and the fourth son of King George III.

If so, it would prove that Harwood's great, great grandfather, British Lt. Col. Edward Harwood, was the son of the Duke of Kent, said Harwood.

That father-son relationship has never been mentioned in family documentation, said Harwood, who sees the omission as a cover up of an illegitimate birth.

"It would have been a cover up for 198 years," Harwood said.

That matter drew the attention of Hereward Davies in his 1985 book "Channel Crossing." The book goes into considerable detail about the Edward Harwood and the London estate, while raising the question of how Harwood came into all of his money.

"What was the origin of his wealth?" Davies' book asks. "If a deception actually took place, can it be that the Duke was gratified to have fathered an English son, would have him named Edward, would cherish him discreetly, and would make provision for silence, upbringing, and posterity?"

Some illegitimate births were openly documented centuries back, genealogists say. Paula Stuart-Warren of the Federation of Genealogical Societies and herself a genealogist, advises people who are learning to trace their lineages to be prepared to make uncomfortable discoveries.

"I tell people, if you're afraid of finding a skeleton in your family tree, stop now," she said.


Sir Galahad's
Cerdic's Medieval Banqueting
Opening soon the finest food in Wessex - straight from my banqueting hall
    King Arthur's Pewter Round Table round table
One of the greatest myths of medieval literature certainly is the epic tale of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table and their quest for the Holy Grail. In the writings of Chretien de Troyes the quest for the Grail becomes a symbol for the medieval ideals of knighthood, gallantry, and chivalry. The Holy Grail is a cup in which Joseph of Arimathia gathered the blood of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. After uniting the Kingdom, King Arthur sends out his best and most valiant knights, Lancelot, Gavian, and Parcifal among them, to quest for the Holy Grail. To share their adventures with their brethren the knights come together in the castle of Camelot around a large round table where all are equal in honor. No one shall fee superior to the other knights and all of them share a place of equal prestige. Thus is formed the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Round Table. Many of them will die on King Arthur's side in his last battle against the evil Mordred. Only Galahad, the son of Lancelot and the most noble and purest of all Knights will finally find and be allowed to touch the Holy Grail. This replica of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table is magnificent in detail and clarity and is sure to be the centerpiece of hours of conversation. The table is a pedestal table that is elevated higher than the stone floor on which it sits. There is an indention on the stone floor to secure the round table. The floor is 18" in diameter and the table is 10" in diameter. The Knights of the Round Table pewter sculptures are 4"+ and are accompanied with chairs, which sit 1 1/4" tall and 1" wide. Also, the knights have a pewter base and do not come a wood platform. King Arthur has a prestigious throne to denote his station. The entire set makes for a breathtaking scene of King Arthur and his noble knights.
Available from

USA Business Search
The Cerdic Badge
Cerdic T Shirt
Cerdic's Armour
 White T-shirt
Cerdic Cap
Cerdic's Crown

Dog T- Shirt
Make Your Dog King For A Day With his own T-Shirt
Cerdic Wall Clock
Cerdic Wall Clock Its Been ticking since 497 B.C.
Cerdic Drinking Vessel
Cerdic's Saxon Lager Drinking Vessel

Just click on Cerdic or the Blue Line to go to the purchase site. 
Cerdics merchandise 


Chard is a wonderful sleepy town in South Somerset. Having come from the bustle and problems of Saxony I find it refreshing and the people friendly and polite.

In summer one notices the beautifully kept flowers and the pride that townsfolk have in their town. Whilst many townsfolk are quick to show their discomfort in the problems of modern day living, on the whole, there is an excellent quality of life here.

But one feels there is a burning question. Wither Chard? For this one time market town, lace town, wool town, Capital of Wessex has actually lost its "raison d'etre" in the 21st century. 

Whilst there is an excellent industrial base here one should realize that "industry" is a thing of the past in Britain. Dysan are moving their industrial base abroad, many industrial companies find it too expensive to continue in Britain. Will Numatic also think the same way as Dysan?
Those that do not understand that our industrial base will continue to wither have their heads in the sand.

So what will replace it? What is the new revolution in the 21st century? As silicon valley has shown it is new technology. Today one must embrace this new technology rapidly. Therefore Chard's future is in our youth. They MUST be educated to face today's world. Our one skill over developing nations is our education, knowledge, and vision. 

Our vision is to prepare our youth to be white collar workers instead of blue collar workers. To have have an educated centre of excellence so that new companies want to come here to utilize that knowledge.

Now is the time to create that new generation that wants to bring vision and prosperity to Chardshire rather than letting them go elsewhere to seek it. Everyday we neglect this forward planning is another day lost to other competitive areas.

 Chard was, some time ago, designated to be a town of 60,000 yet today only boasts 12,000 inhabitants. It is the largest and most important town between Dorchester and Exeter. It is close to a motorway and the coast. What a haven for tomorrow's entrepreneurs.
In Tower Hamlets, one of the most deprived areas of London, the local council is awarding grants to companies of up to £10,000 for computers and computer training. The most available here is £700.

Over the last few years new towns have evolved like Telford and Milton Keynes. Older towns like Peterborough, Runcorn and Cumbernauld have refound themselves. One must ask themselves why a major company like Thomas Cook went to Peterborough.

It was because their town council and particularly my old friend Jean Barker realised the necessity for that change. Oh yes she was a Conservative mayor and because of the influx of population Labour took control.

Fear of change is a disease that is terminal. Since We have been here we have been attacked by a narrow minded civil servant for having the audacity to start the www.chardnet.co.uk website and we have been attacked by a group of shopkeepers and bed & breakfast internet dyslexics for unfounded and untrue morality reasons. In both instances the real reason was the fear of constructive criticism and change. 

Mayor in trouble

Now they have sacked their Independant Mayor for blowing a kiss at the town clerk & offering her a holiday. That was after he had given over 30 years fantastic service. One can only laugh at the dinasaurs who then banned him from holding public office.   

John Wilkes was not the most popular of politicians but he upheld the right to freely criticise and be constructive.

That is progress and we must expect some change.If we are to proceed forward we need fresh blood, new ideas and a vibrant community. If we don't then will the last person in Chard remember to turn the lights out."

Restaurants Galore
The centre of Chard is becoming alive at night with new restaurants and cafes opening. Go to our restaurant & cafe guide and select your favourite repast.
Coming soon are two new eateries. A Pizza & Pasta restaurant in Fore Street and the glamourous Cerdic's Banqueting Hall.

At Cerdic's there will be medieval banquets together with Court Jesters, Musicians and gallons of  scrumpy and mead. It is rumoured that anyone found drunk in the centre of Chard will be placed in the stocks to dry out.

We now have an excellant Chinese & Continental establishment in Holyrood Street  and Gandhi's Indian eaterie. And the food at the Gallery at the back of "Hooked on Books" has some of the finest British cooking in the South West.
 The new Vineyard restaurant behind the Dolphin Inn looks well worth a visit. New York may have its restaurant row but Chard is catching up fast.

Now that our site www.wessex.me.uk has been such a success I hear that King Offa of Mercia is opening a new competitive site called www.mercia.me.uk


Our claim to fame? Is it artificial limbs? Is it powered flight? Is it the first woman Cabinet Minister?  or is it that Charles Ist tried to sue for peace from here before being defeated in the Civil War. We could have a statue to him with or without his head.

Our research fails to show that Judge Jeffries ever came through Chard. It seems that many people from Chard joined up with the Duke Of Monmouth when he tried to wrest the throne from JamesII. The result was that the Bloody Judge Jeffries sat in both Dorchester and Taunton and condemned people from Chard to death. We thank the Chard History Group for their help in providing background material.

Those people were brought back here and the lower classes were hung somewhere near Tescos whilst others were beheaded near the toll house.

Who do we celebrate? What will bring the tourists to Chard? Should we recall Judge Jeffries to deal with the crime in Chard to-day? A few hangings and beheadings are cheaper than CCTV. Or we could let them get a tongue lashing from that certain "polite" shopkeeper in Holyrood Street!

Of course not - There is only one way to bring people to Chard. That is to celebrate and tell the world about me, Cerdic Von Wessex. I was the King of Wessex and my descendant Alfred became King of England. The basis and stories of the mythical Camelot were based on me. So if Camelot was anywhere it was here. My escalibur sword should be placed in a rock in the middle of Chard.


Newspaper Articles on King Arthur being Cerdic

Debate on whether King Alfred was based on Cerdic and whether Chard could be the site of Camelot has produced much discussion locally with articles in :

The Chard & Ilminster News


The Western Daily Press


Wyvern/ Wessex Car Stickers Now Available
Willie Wyvern Car Stickers
Support Wessex and CCTV in Chard by purchasing a Wessex Car Sticker. They are now available in Chard at both The Tourist Office in the Guildhall in Fore Street or from Hooked on Books in Holyrood Street at £1 each
A Knight's Tale

I had to let the drawbridge down recently to entertain Barry Lawrence Goble of Boden Street, Chard. He brought a copy of his coat of arms verified by the College of arms.
Goble Coat of Arms
The name of Goble, sometime Gobel is believed to have been a comparitively recent variant on the ancient Anglo-Saxon personal name of Godbold or Godbead. Godbold is recorded in the "Doomsday Book" "as a previous Anglo-Saxon tenant".
It is believed that the family, which included the Earl of Arundel" (beheaded by Elisabeth I for being Catholic) are renowned through history and include Mamie Doud Eisenhower, wife of President Dwight Eisenhower.  The interesting part of all this is that the crest includes the Wyvern which, historically could only have been carried by the Royal Family of Wessex. Note it is a green wyvern .

Heraldic records, however, seem to point more towards Sussex and Burpham and Petworth. This ties in with the connection with the Earl of Arundel. Obviously the Godbold ancestor came from Saxony and was connected with the Saxon conquest of South East Briton. However we can not be sure that they were here at the time of Cerdic.

Still Barry you were welcome to tarry at the Court. Are there any more applicants for the round table?

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From : RCGreaves@somerset.gov.uk
Thank you for listing the Somerset County Council site on the front page of your Chard sites. The www.chardnet.co.uk site has the Somerset County Council details correct (contact numbers, website link etc.).
However, the www.chard.ic24.net site has the wrong URL, it should be
The SomersetOnLine service (www.somersetonline.gov.uk) is something rather different.  This is a joint partnership between Somerset's local councils and police. The partners are: Mendip District Council; Sedgemoor District Council; South Somerset District Council; Taunton Deane Borough Council; West Somerset District Council; Somerset County Council and Avon & Somerset Constabulary. 

SomersetOnline was created with the citizen in mind rather than the county's organisational structure. By linking all of these websites together,
SomersetOnLine provides a range of information and services for residents
and businesses from a single point of access. The SomersetOnLine service is quite different from the standalone partner websites, both in terms of functionality/service portfolio and design/logo.
You may consider it worthwhile to also add this service as a separate link
within your Chard sites? Please feel free to contact me if you wish to talk this through or if you have any queries.
Thank you.

~ Rich ~
Richard Greaves, SomersetOnLine Project Officer, Somerset County Council
ICT Department, County Hall, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4DY
Tel. 01823 356099 Fax 01823 356175 
Hugo replies: Thank you for your letter Rich. We are pleased to advertise both websites as they are most helpful to residents and visitors in Somerset. Well done keep up the good work.  Your co-operation with us is most refreshing.
From : Sharon Nichol

Please could you ask any of your readers if they have any photographs or recollections etc of the area around the Yonder Hill Saw Mills at Chard Junction.

We desperately need information about the ground the football teams played on as it now under threat of industrial development which will mean the demise of yet another wildlife habitat.

Any information gratefully received to:
Sharon Nichol
4 Cropmead, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 7HQ
email:  sharonn@rotalink.com

Many thanks for any help you can give us towards saving this field.

From :  Angela Willes
angela@ chardfestival.org.uk
Director, Chard Foundation of Women in Music
 Would you like to include information about the Music Festival that Chard holds biennially. 
I am attaching some backgound information and as you will see the Festival has two accolades worth printing, that appeared in The Guardian and The Telegraph. 
3 Howards Row
Chard,Somerset TA20 1PH 
00 44 1460 66115
00 44 1460 66048 (fax)
www.chardfestival. org.uk
Hugo replies: Of course we will include your information. In fact we have added your details to our sites. Good luck  & keep up the good work. For details on our sites- click here

From : Hugo.Z.Hackenbush
Hackenbush@chardnet .co.uk
Dix covered
It seems that there are several internet dyslexics who have found some abusive material on the Chardnet website. Although I have searched thoroughly in the hope that I might be titillated I can not find it. So I clicked my neighbour through the bathroom window ! ( see above)  It should help those internet perverts that type one handed.I might well get a solicitor's letter about this. However I am sure that a certain bed & breakfast proprietor will rush round the town showing people another site and slanderously claiming it is our one. Thanks for the publicity - keep it up. We have been proud to welcome our 137,000th visitor to our sites in February.It seems we are more interesting than his grubby little publication.
Writs to : Shyster & Shyster, Solicitors at law,Embryo, Wishful Thinking, Bagdad, Iraq.

From: Teabag1010@aol.com


The picture you show of 16 High Street in your website is of special interest to me, my father worked at number 18 for Dr. Evans and then for two generations of Drs. Glanville. The elder Dr. Glanville was mayor of Chard at one time. My father met my mother when she was working for the Cossens family in the house next to number 18 in the 1920s. My question for you is, Is number 16 next to 18? I was born in Combe St. in 1930 and lived in Snowden Cottage Lane until 1957 and was last in Chard in the late 80s. I now live between Sacramento and San Francisco and not likely to return to Chard.  Your picture could fill a gap in my Granddaughter's family tree scrap book. If you can find the time to answer my question it would be appreciated. Thank you 
Kindest regards, 

John Kilby.
Hugo replies:

Yes John Number 18 is next door - to the left of our picture. There is a small alleyway between the houses. Until recently Nos 14-16 were the Priory Green Residential Home. No 18 has been recently converted into flats. It is lovely to know that an old citizen of Chard in the United States has found our website. Maybe over the coming years we can give you the feel of "home"
From : Mari Kilby. 
You have some very good pictures in your site, it is a pity they are so small and can't be downloaded or put into a gallery where they can be seen better and the town appreciated more. Chard is a nice Town but not advertised nearly enough.
Hugo replies: Unfortunately the pics have to be small  for quickloading. The originals are available on application.
More Cider Letters
 From :"Geoff Morris" gmorris@ohv.wyenet.co.uk
There was a Hereford Cider Festival about 4 years ago. I was involved in a peripheral role, running the bottled cider stall; the driving force was She-who-must-be-obeyed, otherwise known as Fiona Mac. I believe she is part of the ukcider group, so she can give more detail.
It was a lovely event, well-organised, but not well- enough attended.
Geoff Morris

When Did The Saxons Come To CHARD?
Chard History Society claim that the Saxons did not come to Chard until 700AD. Below some correspondence on their claim.
Wade Miller-knight" <petroc@merset.freeserve.co.u

The local history society are talking sense.The archaeological record shows no clearly pagan and Saxon presence in Somerset.

Ecclesiastical records say Wessex became Christian in 635.After a battle in 658, King Ine of Wessex made provision for the
religious oversight of his new dominions "west of Selwood", the forest that at  that time covered the Somerset/Wiltshire border. In particular, he appointed  a
Bishop of Sherborne; and he made arrangements for the gradual
Saxonisation of Glastonbury Abbey. Prior to 658, all of Somerset except the north-east was part of the Celtic kingdom known in their own language as Kernyw or Kernow and in Latin as Dumnonia.

It does not follow from this that Chard came into Wessex in 658, but it  does follow that any claim for an earlier date would be regarded with  caution unless the evidence was strong. There is a decent, but not proven, case for a later date (710 or after).

What is not so clear (at least not as far as I know) is when or how
Dorset came to be a Saxon-ruled territory. The name (Dor-saetas) implies that it was a territory in which a Celtic population came to be ruled by a Saxon king (c.f. Somer-saetas and places in the Midlands that used to have
similar names such as Penksaetas). But when it came to be so ruled, and whether Chard was, or even might have been, part of Dorset at the time of that transfer...... I cannot help you.

Rather than letting the facts stand in the way of a good story, you can
hold your claim to Cerdic without requiring a Saxon presence in Chard by  saying, correctly, that he was a Celt and that he was the founder of the royal dynasty of what later became Wessex and then England. As such, one could say he was a forerunner of the United Kingdom.
 Many have drawn the continuous genealogical line from Cerdic down to  the present Queen.

From : John

The Chard website,  www.chard.gov.uk./  has been down for sometime. is this site being closed? Thanks, John

From: Gordon Mead   Researcher for David Laws MP  at the House of Commons
Thank you for including David Laws MPs contact details on the excellent Chardnet website. I am sure it will help the residents of Chard and the surrounding area get in touch with David if they need his help. 
From : John Stotesbury
(Headmaster of Chard School) 
Can you add Chard School to pre-schools on Chard IC24, as we have our own
Nursery. Is it possible to also link to our website www.chardschool.ik.org
 tel. 01460 63234
Hugo replies: Of course we will John- What an excellant site you have.

From:"MD.mahamud-un-nabi Jony" <mnjony@hotmail.com>
Subject:Attention please.
Dear Sir,
We are players of Bangladesh Under 17 Under Bangladesh crikcet board.We want to play cricket in your Spain. There have lot of re4ason for playing cricket out of our country. As please inform us that is it possible for us to play club cricket in your spain.
We are,
Md.Delower Hossain ( Spin Bollower, Primier Division palayer and also Played
For Bangladesh Under-17)
Md.Shah ( Batsman, First division Player And play National Youth Under-17)
Md.Mahamud-un-nabi Jony ( W.Keeper, First Division Cricketer and Played
Under-15 Under Bangladesh Cricket Board)
We look forward to your prompt response.
Hugo replies :Unfortunately we are in England not Spain. We would love to help you if you wished to play in England. Good Luck in your quest Can anyone suggest a reply?
letter forwarded to Somerset CCC
The Cider Festival
From : Angus Whitehead SwampDonkeyCider@aol.com
We would be happy to participate if you have an event next year. We have done a large pressing this year, so would be able to supply a good sized quantity if needbe 
The Swamp Donkey Cider Company

From :Stephen Hayes stephen.hayes1@virgin.net
This year we made about 150 gallons, next year hopefully more, mix of west country bittersweets and high quality dessert cull and Bramley.Let us know! Wassail
Stephen and Julia Hayes
From :Ray Blockley & Gail Lomax,  rayblockley@ntlworld.com
Hi ,Sounds a great idea. The two of us would love to visit and take part in sampling the wares on offer - just make sure that you try and get hold of some dry perrys for my better half... 
Hucknall, Nottingham.
From :Graham Clulee clulee@freeuk.com
Hi!, Sounds like a trip to heaven. I know of two in the Bath area.
One at the "Poachers Pocket" pub near Shepton Mallet at Easter,
and one at the "Brewery Inn" at Seend Cleeve near Trowbridge,
which was held on June 1st. this year. Keep me informed if there are any more please.
From :Ben Wallace bwallace@orange.net

The 'Brewery Inn' at Seend Cleeve will be holding another festival next year but the date hasn't been fixed yet. Unfortunatley it seems to have evaded inclusion in the 'Guide' so any publicity would be a benefit!
From :keith keith@applecruncher.demon.co.uk
As a small maker based in the lower Wye Valley in Gloucestershire producing both cider and perry, bottled, draft and bottle fermented cider, I would be interested in attending assuming dates do not conflict with any local shows.
Keith Orchard, Orchards Cider & Perry Co Tel :01291 689536 
From : Paul Simmons
The Railway Tavern in Brightlingsea, Essex holds a cider festival over the  May bank holiday weekend, which is ironic as that pub stopped selling real cider quite a while ago!  I attended the Hereford festival and remember talk at the time of it being repeated but on a less grand scale. Shame it hasn't  happened.
 From : Dave Matthews
How about the Welsh Cider Festival? The first was last May, the next will be over the weekend of May 24th to 26th, at the Clytha Arms, near Abergavenny. How's that for an early plug?
Cerdic & Arthurian Legend
From:Wade Miller-knight" <petroc@merset.freeserve.co.uk
You make some to me very interesting claims.
That Cerdic married the sister of Cador, Prince of Cornwall, is
significant. Where did you get that from? Geoffrey of Monmouth? Cador  is
named there as King Arthur's successor. As "everybody" knows, the  tragedy of King Arthur is that he had no successor - no-one was accepted after him nationally as Emperor of Britain - but Cador as the King of Cornwall  after
Camlann, makes sense. "Cornwall", as you may know, means the Kingdom of
Dumnonia which included Chard and Somerset and stretched at least as far east as Selwood, and also Brittany.

The marriage is exactly the sort of diplomatic royal marriage that one
would expect at that time - the king of the weaker kingdom (Wessex, then  weaker
than Dumnonia, in c500) marrying a sister of the king of the stronger one.

It is entirely consistent with my own hypothesis that Cerdic was a
friend (or ally) of King Arthur and that both were princes of the royal house of Dumnonia. Maybe he had something to do with your town of Cerde, which  was certainly in Dumnonia (until at least 710, perhaps later).

You say Cerdic spent 25 years in Gaul and ruled in Nantes and Vannes.
Again, please tell me - what is your source? My observation here is that Nantes and Vannes are both in Brittany and would be natural places for a prince of
Dumnonia to rule from if he were in charge of the continental part of
the trans-channel kingdom.

As for Dumbarton, I wouldn't load too much weight on the "emphasis on Dumbarton". Dumbarton (which means "The Fort of the Britons") was King Arthur's north-west frontier and like all rulers of Roman Britain he
had to work to defend it. You may know the story that King Caw of Strathclyde was thrown out of his kingdom there (by Picts) and later recovered it in King
Arthur's time and maybe with Arthur's help. Caw was the father of St. Gildas, the monk who lived for a while at Street and founded the church

May I point out a couple of errors?
1. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle date for the events you describe as
'landing in Britain and conquering the Britons with Saxon legions' is 495, not 497.
(Some historians now consider this entry in the ASC to be propaganda, not truth, but this is not your error and neither is it proven.)
2. Llyr Merini is a blatantly Celtic, not Saxon, name. Llyr is one of  the traditional gods/kings of ancient Britain, c.f. the story of 'The Children of Lir' [Irish spelling] published in Mary Heaney's book "Over Nine Waves".
best regards,
Wade Miller-Knight

Cerdic replies:
See:*Ref: Arthur, Cerdic, and the Formation of Wessex By: John C. Rudmin, 864 Chicago Av, Harrisonburg, VA, 22801

Joseph W. Rudmin, Physics Dept., James Madison Univ., Harrisonburg, VA, 22807 (First submitted for publication in Oct 1993) http://camelot.celtic-twilight.com/ rudmin/   Also view: http://www.jmu.edu/montpelier/ summer97/arthur.html

   From: dradolphus@aol.com

I hesitate to comment on Chardnet because it evidently doesn't set out to be an academic history site.  But even a popularised account should take care to avoid basic errors if its credibility isn't ultimately to fall apart.

Wade has already pointed out a number of these on the 'Cerdic' page but they have not been corrected.  Instead, his e-mail has been appended, way, way down, as a contribution to debate.  What debate is there about 497?  It's simply the wrong date.  At one point on the page it's even given as 497 BC.  Come on chaps, sloppy or what?  Would you have us believe the Battle of Hastings was in 1068 BC?  Likewise whether Llyr is a Saxon name.  Of course not.  The 'Ll' sound isn't there in Anglo-Saxon and the Rudmins don't argue that it is.  Cerdic Von Wessex as our man's full name?  (C.V. Wessex, Esq.?)  This is no more than how 'Cerdic of Wessex' appears when translated into German.

The page also seems to want to have its cake and eat it.  It's pro-Rudmin, so Cerdic = Arthur and, by a clever sleight of hand,  Chard = Camelot.  Cerdic must therefore be a Briton, as his name implies.  But we're told he was a Saxon who landed in 497 to conquer the Britons.  There's the Rudmin thesis, and others that argue for a British or part-British Cerdic.  And there's the traditional interpretation of the A-SC that argues Cerdic was all Saxon.  But, please, not both rolled into a single contradictory narrative.  The primary sources are confusing enough as they are!


Obviously it is difficult to argue an academic paper on a popular website. However Rudmin does point out that Cerdic had a Saxon Father and a Briton mother. His father was a Saxon Mercenary. It appears that he was brought up in Britain and then raised an army in Saxony to go to Gaul and eventually Briton. Most of his family names are as you say Briton names not Saxon. In regards to Chard. The literal transalation I have been advised is the "Royal House of Cerdic". So if the Arthurian Legend is mainly made up on the life of Cerdic then his Royal House was in the Chard area and Camelot has as much chance of being in Chard as the other sites . We are discussing legend not fact. Believe me Sherlock Holmes never lived at 221b Baker Street.!
Wessex Stickers
From: Crackytown@aol.com
I saw your announcement re opening a Wessex shop in Chard.

I had some Wessex car stickers printed some time ago ('WSX' in an oval with a wyvern above) some of which I sold (to cover my costs) and others which I donated to the Wessex Society to raise money. I'd be happy to let you have 200 of these free of charge (retail is £1 each) provided they were prominently on display in the shop, hopefully this would help raise the profile of Wessex (they are a brilliant advert!) If you feel this is a little generous of me then a donation to the Wessex Society would be most welcome!

If the shop is a definite starter and you feel this would be a suitable item please get back to me and I'll post them off straight away.
Steve Sainsbury

Thank you for your kind offer . We haves shown them to the Chard Tourist Office & we have suggested that any proceeds are divided between the Wessex Society and CCTV for Chard. They have agreed.

More Cider Letters
 From : Mark Shirley
As far as I remember the Hereford event was a victim of bad weather and was not repeated. More interestingly, I understand there are plans to stage another Cider & Perry Exhibition. Venues were being looked at in London but the last I heard they proved to be unavailable. Let's hope a venue turns up as this event is long overdue in my opinion.

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